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Corporate data for British Hospital - Lisbon XXI, S.A.

Business Address and contact info

British Hospital - Lisbon XXI, S.A.
Rua Tomás Fonseca Torre - B
1600- LISBOA

Phone: 00 351 217 213 400
Fax: 00 351 217 213 439

We don't have the exact coordinates for this location. The location shown on the map was obtained using the geolocation service from Google Maps.

Headquarters location map


Business Activity

86100 - Hospital activities
(different from NAICS codes)
This company is located in Lisboa district, Lisboa municipality and Lumiar parish.
The parish code for administrative purposes is 110618

Vat Number

506324176 (Registered in Commercial Registration Office with number 506 324 176)

Share Capital

50 000,00 € (Euros)

Company Foundation Date

01/01/2003 (15 years in business)

Partners, Managers and associates

Salva... classified information

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