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Search for portuguese Zip Codes

Our search tool uses a database supplied by CTT (the company responsible for delivering mail in Portugal). Sometimes we receive messages from users alerting for error in street names. We can't do nothing about it. We update our database in a regular base from the data we receive from CTT. Any complain should be send to CTT ( or, if you like, by phone 707 26 26 26 (Zip Code Phone Line)

Search by Street name / City

In the first text box you should input the street name excluding the terms "street" or "avenue". You must also exclude any reference to the title like "Eng" or "Dr" or "General" for the street names referring to personalities. For example, if you want to search for the street name "Rua Coronel Afonso do Paço" you must write on the text box just "afonso do paço". It's indifferent if you write in CAPS or not. In the second text box you must write the city or district or part of it.

Search by complete Zip Code

In Portugal the complete Zip Code number is made by two groups. The first group has 4 digits and the second has 3 digits. If you only know de first 4 digits we have a tool that can tell you approximately the location on the map. The complete zip code can tell you (not always) the street name and the exact location on the map. We use Google maps and geolocation API to give the coordinates of the street you are looking and the system is good but not perfect.

Navigating through maps

You can also browse through the map until you arrive near the location you want. You start in the country map, the district map, the  Town map... In the way, we list companies from that location. 

Portuguese Companies Directory

We have on our database about 380.000 Portuguese companies. Search by name or browse by CAE (Portuguese division for the company core business).  We have small companies like restaurants or Layers, medium size companies, and big companies.  


We have also some tools to get the geographic coordinate from any place on the map. Please visit this section.. 

Portuguese Monuments

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The seven Portuguese wonders
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