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Homepage > Maps and Places > Portuguese 7 Wonders > Monastery of Batalha
Monastery of Batalha
The Monastery of Batalha is the most relevant symbol of the Avis dynasty. Build by King D. João I after the epic battle of Aljubarrota.
This place belongs to the Group: Portuguese 7 Wonders
The Dominican Monastery of Batalha is the most significant testimony to the Portuguese Gothic style. It was built at the end of the 14th century with patronage from King João I, in memory of the battle of Aljubarrota. This vast complex, which is a royal Pantheon, is an excellent example of the evolution of medieval architecture up to the 16th century, from the innovative experience of the late Gothic to the Manueline decorative exuberance. Located in the historic centre of Batalha, the Monastery is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
Monastery of Batalha pictures
Monastery of Batalha main view
D. João I tomb (King John, the first) - Mestre de Avis
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